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Setting up a website can be difficult. You need someone experienced who knows what’s around the corner before you even get there. I provide an easy roadmap so you always know where you’re going.


This phase begins with a strategy session. We talk about your goals as a business and how you can better help your customer. From there I build out a wireframe based on the content that will be going on your website.


Next we tackle the design phase. Here we begin to bring your project to life! I start adding key design elements and piecing together your website. I will make sure to incorporate the overall story you are trying to tell with your website.


Development begins. A great design is cool, but I want to bring that website to life! This phase will take care of all the nitty gritty details. Security, speed, SEO, and dealing with domains. I take care of this, so you can get back to doing what you do best. 


The home stretch! Your website is almost done and just needs some final touches. At this stage I will heavily test your website and make sure everything is working properly. I will make sure to get your website live so you can start sharing it immediately!

Care Plans

Care Plans are a feature that provide stability over the course of your websites life. Over time as the web evolves your website needs continual care and maintenance. I highly recommend this with all my clients! 

Starter Package


$ 20 Monthly
  • Starter package
  • 1 Content change
  • Client Report


$ 40 Monthly
  • Starter package
  • 2 Content changes
  • Client Report
  • Weekly Backups

design and Development is my passion

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Hello there, I’m Luke, an engineer with a passion for web development and helping businesses. Thanks to my wife, I recently found out I am an Enneagram 1. I am a hobby man with a passion for making music, reading, and sports.